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If your question isn’t answered below, please contact us HERE.

What makes your chicken different?

Unlike nearly all chicken grown in the United States that are kept inside barns/houses that hold tens of thousands of birds and, at most, have limited “yard” access, including products labeled organic and free-range, our chickens spend their days and nights on lush pasture. We rotate our movable chicken enclosures (chicken tractors) every day so they have access to fresh grass, bugs, seeds, worms, grains, and minerals. We also provide our chickens with a custom blend of high quality certified organic, soy free, GMO free feed. We are committed to farming practices that are humane, sustainable, and regenerative, in an effort to be good stewards of our land and produce chicken with higher nutritional values.

Is your chicken certified organic?

We firmly believe one of the leading causes of confusion amongst consumers is the term "certified organic", which is oftentimes misleading. Certified organic may lead one to believe the product is produced in a human, ethical, and/or sustainable way, or that it is healthier, however that isn't necessarily the case. We are among the growing list of small farmers who give little-to-no value to the term "certified organic". Instead, we like to say our products are "better than organic". We do not spray our fence lines or fields with any pesticides or herbicides, nor do we use any chemicals as part of our processing or packaging processes. Additionally, all materials that come into contact with our feed and water are food grade.

What do you feed your chickens?

In addition to the fresh pasture that they have access to 24/7 once on pasture, we provide a custom blend of high quality supplemental certified organic, non-GMO, soy free feed to our chickens.

Do you vaccinate your chickens?

No. We never will.

Is your chicken frozen?

It depends. Most orders placed online will be frozen when the order is delivered or picked up. In order to lock in the freshness, we find it better to freeze the meat within 3 days after processing instead of waiting until the end of the shelf life (what you see in stores). If you'd like to order freshly processed (never frozen) chicken, contact us HERE!

Do you offer farm pick up?

Farm pickup is available on all orders placed through the website. Please select Farm Pick Up during checkout.  If you are unable to arrive during the specified timeframe, please contact us and will do our best to make other arrangements. 

Can I stop by the farm to buy chicken?

Yes, you can. However, since we are a small family farm, please contact us ahead of time to ensure we are available for farm pickup and have the item(s) you want in stock. You can find our contact information HERE.

Do you deliver?

We do! Contact us for details.

Do you offer shipping?

We are not currently set up to offer shipping. We offer farm pickup, local delivery, and you can find us at local markets and events. Subscribe to our email list HERE to stay in the loop.

Do you offer farm tours?

Since we are a small family farm we are able to provide tours by appointment only. Please contact us HERE if you have any questions.


What makes Graised Pastures different from other local pastured poultry farms?

What sets Graised Pastures apart is our dedication to our chicken. Unlike other farms with diversified offerings, we have chosen to focus on chicken and chicken only. We want to grow the best possible chicken through ever-improving farming practices. Additionally, this gives us an opportunity to support other local growers and producers. We proudly partner with and support other local farmers that supply beef, pork, lamb, eggs, milk, fruits, veggies, goats, and more. 

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